Rats and rodents are a serious problem for business across Blackpool. They not only bring a whole host of health problems but they also can cause property damage and for some ruin their reputation. Pied Piper have an understanding of the behaviour of rats, mice and other vermin and an awareness of what techniques will work for you, your family or business. We operate under the strictest safety guidelines to ensure that our traps and poisons are not in reach of any children or other animals.


Call us immediately. Rat parasites and fleas are vectors to a host of infectious diseases. If you see a rat, contact us right away. We’ll assess the problem and offer you a free quote.

Both black and brown rats can carry viruses, bacteria and ectoparasites that can be a significant health problem for humans and pets. As with all other rodents, it is via their droppings, saliva and urine that they transmit disease, with the following being the most problematic; Weil’s diseaseMurine typhusSpirillary feverHantavirus,Listeriosis, Salmonella, and fleas.

As well as inflicting a whole range of health, social and business problems, rats (and other vermin) can in fact create a whole lot of internal and external property damage. From the obvious danger of chewed or damaged electrical cables to the destruction of internal plastic pipes and plumbing, no area is immune from potential damage. Rats have even been known to munch through loft insulation and damage actual building structures, such as walls, skirting boards, sheds and wheely bins.

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